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Khartoum Refinery Company is widely regarded as an important symbol of fastgrowing Sudanese oil industry. Splendid success that KRC has achieved in the past decade attracted great public concerns and earned international acclaims. Chinese leaders including Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Li Changchun and Zhou Yongkang, etc.have ever visited the refinery. Likewise, Sudan President Bashier, 1st Vice President Salfa Keer, Vice President Taha they also come to visit occasionally. Till now eleven state leader and more than 50 ministers from dozens of countries have been here.The excellent performance of KRC gave all the visitors a surprising impression. To serve as a platform and a window, it reflects the increasingly reinforced economic ties and represents a deep-rooted traditional friendship between two countries. Just like Wu Bangguo, the former Chinese Vice Premier, commended in his inscription-“An archetype of hardworking and a monument of Sino-Sudanese friendship”.

President of Burundi came to visit the exhibition room [2010.03.31]
President of Central Africa Republic visited KRC [2010.03.31]
Vice president of Indonesia visited the refinery [2010.03.31]
President of Niger viewed the model of the refinery [2010.03.31]
President of Mauritania viewed the model of the plant [2010.03.31]
Oil Minister of Algeria wrote his inscription [2010.03.31]
President of Djibouti paid a visit to KRC [2010.02.04]
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