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The great River Nile wanders across the hinterland of the Republic of Sudan, a country with vast fertile and enduring civilization. Khartoum Refinery Co. Ltd. (KRC) lies on the east bank of the Nile River and about 70 km north of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

As the largest refinery in Sudan, KRC was formally registered and incorporated in July 1997 under the mechanism of joint investment. CNPC and Sudanses Petroleum Corporation (SPC) each held (10% and 90%) stakes in the plant. On May 16, 2000 KRC successfully completed the commissioning process. Six years later, on June 30, 2006 the Expansion Project was also put into operation.As a result, the output of the refinery jumped up to 5 million t/a. KRC built two separate production lines that enabled to refine the Nile blends and Block 6 crudes respectively. It runs eight sets of major operational units and other related auxiliary facilities.

Complying with Chinese national standards, KRC adopted state-of-the–art technology throughout the process. Its overall oil-processing techniques and the economic & technical indexes played a leading role in the field. Notably, KRC succeeded in resolving one of the most difficult conundrums on the processing measures of high-acid and high-calcium content heavy crudes. It also achieved a series of crucial technical breakthroughs and filled a number of gaps in this industry.

Despite being in the middle of the harsh Gobi desert, an environmentally friendly modern refinery has eventually been established by Chinese and Sudanese engineers during the last decade. Drawing the inspiration from KRC, numerous organizations such as petrochemical plants, power plants, oil-trading companies, and State Free Zone, etc. settled here and a new city came into being around the refinery.

Pursuant to the management values of “Advanced, high efficiency, environmental friendliness, energy-saving”, KRC has always placed a heavy emphasis on standardized
operation. Large amounts of commonly recognized international management systems are widely applied throughout the refinery. Quality and the HSE management systems have been certified by authoritative parties worldwide and realized integration with international standards.

Since KRC’s start-up, it has already provided numerous high-grade petroleum products to the domestic market. Some are also exported to neighboring countries. By comparison with the past of relying heavily on imports, this has not only changed the complexion of local market thoroughly but safeguarded the energy security of Sudan. Additionally, it has resulted in a far-reaching influence to Northern Africa & Middle-East. Furthermore, KRC
continuously contribute the development of the country as well as creating a large number of employment opportunities. Oil-refining and other relevant industries have come to be a cornerstone industry in the national economy.

To further enhance the oil processing standards and to foster the reserve forces has always been regarded as a long-term strategy and social responsibility for KRC. At present KRC enables to process various types of indigenous crudes derived from local oilfields. In the meantime, some people trained by KRC are operating the refinery successfully and also entering into every domain of oil industry.

Under the auspices of governments and shareholders, KRC is now dedicated to boosting economies of scale, diversifying the product mix, and improving the quality of products and the standards of the environmental protection. “Providing green energy, Serving Sudanese community”-Khartoum Refinery Company is striding ahead and embracing tomorrow’s new challenges and glories.