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Human Resource Policy

KRC always attaches priority to people and cherishes the life, health and safety of our employees. We adhere to an equal and nondiscriminatory employment policy and
treat employees of different nationalities, races, genders, religions and cultural backgrounds fairly.

KRC protect employees' interests and encourage their creativity with a reasonable remuneration system and an advantageous welfare and insurance system. We recruit
various talents from across the world through a transparent, fair and competitive recruitment mechanism.

KRC has always attached importance to the cultivation of skills. We have established a well-regulated skills appraisal system and formed a two-level (corporate level
and subsidiary level) award and incentive system. We offer both attractive material and spiritual rewards to employees.
Our priority is the health of our workers and the creation of a sound working environment. The health of grassroots and frontline employees is of great concern to KRC.
Regarding the characteristics of refinery operations like occupational hazards, a harsh environment, work mobility and labor intensity, we have strengthened health and disease monitoring and established occupational hygiene archives and employee health files. We have also made great efforts to provide employees with a better working environment and improved safety conditions.