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Al Jaz Urges Oil Companies Accelerate Efforts


Khartoum (SMC): Feb. 2013
Minister of petroleum Awad Ahmed Al Jaz reiterates call to partners operating at new concessional areas accelerate efforts and set squares enter production process.
The minister affirms at a meeting in his office with deputy head of companies working at 9 &11 squares in (Gezera state) Dr Mohamed Zaid that the respective companies obtained competitiveness area closely linked to transport lines. For his part Zaid asserted that his companies have determination to accelerate efforts and reaches commercial production level in shorter possible time.

 In the same development the minister also met a group of partners represent Canadians, Nigerians and Sudanese companies operating in square 14. The square is located at far northwestern part of the country. The said group started work last year end. The minister has got acquainted on oil exploration process in collaboration with other companies working near square 14. Moreover the minister met with (ONGC) an Indian company operates at a number of oil fields in west and central parts of the country. AL Jaz affirms that his ministry understands partners?requirements and the help they need to accelerate efforts until after producing oil and increases production.      
                                                                   Extracted by: Eltrifi E. Ahmed