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Dr. Al-Jaz gives directive for speeding up work to keep pace with information era


        The Minister of Petroleum, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, has affirmed the need for speeding up work in order to keep pace with the information era toward enhancing the performance in the oil industry field and boosting the national economy.
        This came during his meeting in his office with the directors of training at the ministry and the companies affiliated to it.
Dr. Al-Jaz gave directive to all the employers at the petroleum sector to benefit from each other's experiences for realizing a qualitative shift at the oil industry sector.
        He said that the oil industry is complicated and surrounded by several challenges.
        Meanwhile, the Director General of Oil Training Centre, Dr. Mohi-Eddin Naeim, has affirmed the ability of the centre to providing training for all employers in the oil sector and to set the required programs of the oil industry.

Extracted by: EL trifi E. Ahmed