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      The greenbelt in front of Office Building
KRC have always been dedicating to the forestation around the site. A 19 km-long protective forest belt with a width of 100m surrounds the Refinery. In 2008, 80,000 varies trees were planted.  KRC tries to establish an environmentally friendly refinery as a goal. Pursuant to the sustainable energy strategy, we adopt all kinds of energy-saving and waste reduction measures in order to facilitate the harmonious development between environment and business. Over the years, KRC spares no efforts on virescence.    
 Two newly-built landfill sites enable to well deal with waste oil, solid waste and waste water. After treatment, industrial wastewater all discharges into oxidant pond. Subsequently, it will be consumed by natural evaporation and irrigation. Without affecting the quality of Nile River and underground water,  all the irrigating water meets the criteria of industrial wastewater discharge.

          Irrigating Water for Green Area

KRC park with an attractive view beautifies the entire plant and surroundings.


 A Glance of KRC Park

Bird's Eye View of KRC Park

 A Glance of KRC Park